Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

Well, this weekend is Easter. Good Friday is about the crucifixion of Jesus and Sunday is about the resurrection. We celebrate it with food, egg hunts and family...and for sure going to church. The bummer I find in knowing several christians is come the day after Easter, life lived in suffering continues...we immediately forget that Jesus rose, defeating suffering, defeating death.

How come we stay in the death? We live our everyday lives believing we deserve to suffer? Maybe you're saying...hey now, I don't walk around all day moping or crying or in constant pain. Are you sure? Are you as happy as you could be? Where are you not aligned with yourself and the world around you? Just as our spines need adjusting by chiropractors and we feel pain, suffer illness and headaches if we don't, we need to be aligned, making adjustments along the way to keep ourselves strong and healthy - physically, emotionally and spiritually. If people base their life on a teaching and faith, why are so many Christians irritable, unhappy, and unsatisfied in their work and family life? I don't get it.

Modeling life on how Jesus lived his is awesome, and his actions followed his beliefs.

Beliefs drive behavior.

What we believe about ourselves shows in everything we do and say.

How we do anything is how we do everything. I credit T. Harv Eker for that profound statement. Test it our for's amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we care enough to look.

So, at this Easter time, I encourage us to make different, more positive, more self-supportive choices in the moment, every moment, and see what happens with our beliefs and therefore our attitudes which leads to overall feeling like we really are living life. We are alive. Jesus is alive. He had a mission and he filled it. What's yours? How are you doing in being honest with yourself and God in filling it? If you aren't going for what you came here to do, the world is currently living with that void that only you can plug up. Please, don't rob us here in society any longer from your gifts, talents and offerings. We need you! This is one huge way we can eradicate lack from our life, society and world. Live alive!

Happy Easter everyone from all of us here at God & Gays.