Monday, February 20, 2006

Straight, married, white men love the movie!

We had a recent big ah ha. We've been getting interviewed for the Cinequest premiere by a lot of San Francisco and San Jose mainstream press and every one of the reporters have been straight, white, married men. They tell us they "had no idea this was going on" and by their other comments, they clearly get what we are trying to say and do. Some grew up Christian or the like and have since not been affiliated with a church. Their comments were striking to us as it helped us understand our scope of people who can really rally behind these people and these issues in the documentary. We were extatic to have their support, it gave us great hope that they are representative of a truly thinking public that will accept this movie and be moved to make positive change in their world.

So, a little on how the PR process has been working lately..we partner with Cinequest's PR team to come up with ways to pitch our movie to press outlets. They have a bazillion of movies to push, they only have so much bandwidth so it's up to us to kick it into gear and make it happen at a grass roots level. When Cinequest gets a request for interview, they contact us, acting as our PR rep since most of us indy filmmakers can't afford a PR person on retainer.

Lately, we've been contacted by the Metro, San Jose Mercury News, KFJC radio, KUSP radio, the Spartan Daily and several others have put us in their events calendar.

We've grown up in this area so seeing this community give back to us and support the movie means a lot.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Metro Cover

Okay, we've been working hard...Cinequest has been so fantastic in working with us on all kinds of PR opportunities prior to our showings next month. We've been interviewed for a cover story in Metro San Jose and Metro Santa Cruz. Richard von Busack is the Metro movie reviewer and he is widely very well respected. He met with us recently in a coffee shop in our little town and spent over an hour with us getting to know our movie and what we're all about. It was a great conversation. The result of that conversation can be found on our website under press links.

They did a photo shoot with us and a couple of the photos I really liked. Although we didn't have the whole Hollywood makeup and hair stylist team helping us out, it really is amazing how much better we look in photos. Weird. It was a windy day and we were on a roof so my hair is doing all kinds of fun frizzy things. It has a lot of natural wave in it and whenever it can, it'll curl up. I can easily make my hair look like I've done a perm. Although I'm not a fan of the frizz, I do like having multi-talented hair.

Anyway, the experience was great. We've been contacted by several other press outlets and we are just swimming in a pool of appreciation that these guys are interested and care enough to get this movie out into the public discourse.