Monday, August 13, 2007

Democrats Appear Before Gay Audience

Last Thursday, each of the main democratic candidates came on one by one for 15 mins each to receive questions from viewers, Melissa Etheridge, Joe Solmonese from Human Rights Campaign and Washington Post writer, Jonathan Capehart. As a side note, the moderator mentioned that all republican candidates were invited to participate and none of them accepted. Even middle of the road and GLAAD news release quoted Rudy Guiliani.

The video is available online so you can still see how things went:

Out of 15 candidates, 2 support gay marriage and when you hear those 2 talk, you can see a major difference in their overall demeanor than the others. These 2 don't play politics, avoid answering questions and turn the conversation to what they want to be heard (which Obama and Rodham-Clinton were experts in doing) much as the others anyway. Anyone, including us, who've had any sort of media coaching are trained to say what we want to be heard, regardless of what questions are being asked.

Before the event, Obama and Rodham-Clinton were on top of the poll on the HRC site, even though neither of them support gay marriage. Since the forum, it's Obama and Kucinich on top and thank God the message got through that the gay community has a real ally. Kucinich DOES support gay marriage AND every other issue that brings equalization to the gay community.

My favorite question was why does the gay population support Hillary and Barack when neither of these candidates support them back on gay marriage. It's a good question. My concern is that it's so because we're used to settling for the crumbs, we're used to compromising something to get anything. With this approach, it's why we're still in this stuck, unequal space in society. We aren't claiming our rights as whole and complete people.

We all teach people how to treat us. If we support people who still see us as less than or unworthy of full human rights support to play a political game, that's what we'll get. It's a no brainer to me.

I once asked my classroom at a University I taught in for 8 years that if Gandhi were running for president, would he have a shot. The class quickly and easily said no. Then I asked if they would want him as president and they all said a resounding yes.

There's such a disconnect of what we want and what we think others want. We have been voting to what we think other people will do so we jump on a bus and "vote for the lesser of two evils". Well, that hasn't worked so great for us lately.

We're supportive of Dennis Kucinich and it's an easy decision to make. Why? He's working with author Marianne Williamson on the US Dept. of Peace for one thing. This is a department that focuses on peaceful resolutions and putting government money and energy to peace, versus what NONE of us want which is more war, violence, death with the current focus and spending on the department of "defense".

Another reason is that he truly "gets" equality and is unafraid of political backlash. Watch his piece on the link above. Look at where he stands, go see him at a town hall. He's the kind of leader who would actually do the right thing for the right reason...because it's the right thing to do. He's love based and not fear based.

He's the closest we have to Gandhi running for the presidency right now and I encourage all of us to vote the way we feel we need to, because it's the right thing to do. We create our realities. We individually control our choices. Don't let the media, the double-speak, the family, spouse or friend influences override what YOU want. Don't jump on the bus this time. Try something different. Take your space, step into your power. Historically, it's those that take unpopular positions that are the most authentic and heart-based.

If you're in the gay community or straight ally supportive of the gay community, there's only two choices for the democratic party and that's Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. They are both supportive of you, of who you are and what you stand for, so please support what supports you.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Presidential Candidate Debate on LGBT Issues August 9th

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has organized a democratic presidential debate in Los Angeles Thursday, August 9th to see everyone's perspective on LGBT issues such as marriage, adoption and other political hot topics. For info on how you can watch the forum, go to

Last night Luane and I had dinner with a few very strong supporters of our movie and got to talking about the candidates and where they are in advancing equality for LGBT people politically. It was an interesting conversation as none of us were excited about any of them as each are finding ways to play the fence.

Which is exactly what we don't need from potential leaders of the "free world". I taught a management class for 8 years at a University and as anyone knows about leadership and what has actually been Bush's success has been that he's been a strong leader by being decisive.

Yes, he makes really really bad decisions causing a lot of pain, death, suffering at home and around the world, but he does make them and stands by them. That rallies people, when they can stand by a strong leader. Hence him (sort of) winning again three years ago. People still felt obligated to stand by their leader.

Having the democratic candidates not be decisive, not stand up for doing the right thing like allowing equality across the board for all paying, voting, productive members of the community, teachers, cops, doctors, lawyers, moms and days who also happen to be LGBT, is absurd. It's already guaranteed in the constitution so what's so fuzzy about it? Well, each have their take in claiming they are Christians. Unconditional love is already in the Bible so what's so fuzzy about it?

Here's an excellent opportunity for the candidates to do the right thing, recognize that equality for LGBT people is actually very prevalent and wanted in this country, we've seen it over and over ourselves on our touring and be a strong leader decisively supporting LGBT equality in all its political ways.

So, let's see what happens. The use of fear in the church, religion and the Bible has been very effective the last two races, wonder what would happen if we used the love side of the same things for 2008. Watch the debate and see what you think.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Peggy Campolo live interview TONIGHT

Hope you all can join us tonight for a live call with Peggy Campolo. An evangelical, mother, wife of popular speaker Dr. Tony Campolo, Peggy sticks her neck out as a Christian GLBT advocate. She accepts homosexuality not in spite of the Bible but because of it. Hear her story, how she and her husband disagree on this major issue, what it's like for her to speak out and why she's so committed to doing so.

This is part of our monthly teleconference series the first Thursday of every month with some of the biggest and most influential folks in the reconciliation movement. To get the access code and phone number every month, sign up for our e-blasts in the right column of the blog. For tonight's call, write us at

Join us!