Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kim & Luane go on tour packed with the movie to the magic 17 states

The November mid-term elections are on the horizon. When I was in school, most people didn't like midterms, but they were precursor to how we'd do on the Finals which made the midterms that much more important. It's like when I played basketball in high school, how much attention I paid and effort I gave in practice clearly showed up in how I played the game.

The campaign ads have begun their race to the bottom, which helps fair-weathered voters blow off the mid-term elections. With my analogies above, hopefully we can really change our tune about these kinds of elections. Just because we aren't electing a president this time, doesn't mean it's not important. Future presidents are running for seats as governors, congress members and their are 17 states here in 2006 that still battle to legislate people's equality rights.

Just because it's baffling and absurd to most of americans, that doesn't mean we should ignore it and it'll go away. There's a bazillion signatures that need to go on a petition to get to a ballot. Somebody's signing them and those same somebodies are motivated to vote.

So, just like basketball practice, Luane and I have decided to hit the road and help political, spiritual and community-oriented organizations by providing non-threatening, educational, compassionate and undeniable content for their event.

Remember my post on living small? Luane and I can't make a movie like this and not do anything with it when there's so many people in the shadows who don't deserve to be there. The movie is meant to be seen and be a tool to bridge gaps: gaps of understanding and gaps between friends, family members and within ourselves.

We're serious about this stuff. Just yesterday, sitting in a restaurant, a woman leaned over to me and told me of her husband's brother who's gay and the whole Mormon family has shunned the brother except her husband. She talked of the divisiveness of the family and how her husband is also shunned for actually loving his brother, no matter what. Interesting implementation of family values.

So, if you and your affiliated organizations are running community educating events, no matter what state you're in, email us from the website and let's work on this together. We look forward to the road trip and meeting you in person.

Thank you for what you do, every day, from wherever you are.