Friday, August 25, 2006

Mel White's new book and tour

Mel White who is one of our featured speakers in God & Gays has a new book out called, Religion Gone Bad, the Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right. He's also going on tour around the country when it's released on Sept 7th. Check out the website for more info:

We had breakfast with Mel before we premiered in March and he told us this book was not holding anything back. He is very committed and serious in exposing the spells that many Christian Right leaders seem to have on their loyal audience. He's an amazing leader in this quest to educate.

He's also father to Mike White, who you may know of from School of Rock with Jack Black and Black/White Productions in LA. They just released Nacho Libre. Mike is doing really well and is currently directing his first movie in California.

Media comes in all its forms of messages. Its cornucopia can get overwhelming and in the spirit of the "goodbye" message from the flight attendants upon arrival, we know you have a lot of choices for your media consumption and what messages you'll put your attention to, thank you for choosing ours.

Seriously, we're grateful it resonates with you. We hope you continue flying with us. Thanks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bridge That Gap Comes to Santa Cruz, CA August 19th!

We're thrilled to be taking the Bridge That Gap conference to Santa Cruz, CA! A perfect vacation destination. This is home to the very popular Rev. Deborah L. Johnson from Inner Light Ministries and her partner recording artist Valerie Joi Fiddmont who are both featured in God & Gays: Bridging the Gap. I'm proud to know them and be working with them on creating this incredible, unique and really cool one-day conference.

New to this conference is I'll be speaking on Comfort Zones Are Slow Dream Killers and run a breakout group on bridging fear to love, helping each of us acknowledge where we're making decisions based out of fear and bust through our belief systems to make decisions from God's point of view, from love. I've been running workshops at other people's conferences and have been encouraged to speak at my own conference, so, come to Santa Cruz on the 19th and check it out!

We'll have live music from Marjorie Pearson and Valerie Joi's choir, author Darlene Bogle talking about her exodus from Exodus and we'll kick off the day by showing our movie, God & Gays: Bridging the Gap. Many of the people featured in the documentary will be there in person; how often do you get to talk with people from a movie in person?

It's going to be an incredible event. Thank you to Santa Cruz and Inner Light Ministries for bringing the conference to your area. If you can't come to Santa Cruz for the conference, then you can bring the conference to you! Email us from the website as we're already booking sites for Summer 2007!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Have you heard of The Secret?

It's a movie and no, I can't tell you much more than that, because, it's a secret.

What I do encourage you to do and I'm very very serious about this, is, to go to and either watch the trailer and the whole feature-length movie there on the site or order a copy to purchase. It's not on Netflix, not in theatres. This is the only way to see it unless you have friends that own a copy. Then, get a showing together and include chips and dip.

We highly recommend seeing it with a small group of people. The discussion afterwards is always very enlightening. You'll be talking and thinking about it for days after watching it. For some, they watch it every few weeks to kind of make sure they're still on target and didn't stray too far.

You'll see life in a whole new way. More power to ya. Feel free to write us and let us know what you think of the The Secret after you see it, post your comments below.

I'm having a hard time not sharing stories of how our lives have been different since really watching the movie and see how its messages show up in, check out the movie and share your stories with us.

More power to you.