Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Obama, Warren and Lowry

What are we to think or believe about Obama's action around inviting Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback church in Southern California to speak at his inauguration? Some feel slighted, some are confused, some are downright pissed. There's a lot of hurt already from prop 8 and now one of the major funders and champions gets a worldwide stage next to our next president. We thought we voted discriminatory and arrogant conciousness out of the White House in November. But this is victim-speak.

I get why he did it, and it still wasn't the best move. With a country packed with pastors of influence, why choose one who openly chooses to go against the unconditional love and respect for all God's creation Jesus teaches?

Feels like a big ouch...and not just from people in the gay community. There are many stunned straight people as well. It was an unneccessary move, with so many other better choices.

He did get it right with choosing Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowry, who ran with MLK and is very open in supporting the gay community, to also speak at the inauguration. I wish Lowry got all the attention, he's the one that deserves it. I praise Obama for choosing him, he has the right message of oneness, reconciliation and peace. Anything outside of that doesn't deserve a pulpit, it's not worth our time.

Rick Warren has made oodles of money from his churches and book sales. I've had friends from Soulforce scheduled for months to have a lunch with him only to arrive to an awkward hug and his rapid disappearance.

I encourage you to not fall for the Warren hype, focus on Lowry, his message ought to get our attention and celebration. The Rick Warrens of the world only survive when there's an audience that'll listen. The more we don't listen to the rhetoric, the faster it'll go away and the more space is made for the Lowry's of our one world.