Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie Posters Arrive

Our distributor sent us some theatre posters and boy are they huge. We don't know where we'll put them but I'm thinking of taking it around our screenings and talks and take photos with it like Amelie's gnome (and taken over by Travelocity's ad campaign).

Believe it or not, I sometimes forget we have a movie (actually two) available for rental and purchase all over the world. It's a trip when I see it listed on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble and on Netflix. It's been 5 years since our first movie released and I guess I just won't get used to it.

Some people ask what's next for us...Luane wrote a very funny narrative script and we're in pre-production in getting it funded and cast....and when that starts to happen, it'll be for a different blog. In the meantime, we enjoy seeing God and Gays proliferate around the country. Thank you for watching it and we hope it's done ya some good.

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