Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Prop 8 Hearing on March 5th in California - A Day in Catholic School

This week, I spent an entire day speaking at an all-girl Catholic high school (my third year there) junior's class about the movie and all things GLBT. It happens to be the week the California Supreme Court are also hearing oral arguments on the legality of prop 8. There's a ton of places to go to get filled in so I won't duplicate it here but one thing I said to each class was that they were in live history.

I let the class drive the discussion and we often ended up talking about the whole "us vs. them" societal evil. We talked about the movie Milk, prop 8, the holocaust, interracial marriage, women's suffrage, native american genocide and Chavez's work for the mexican farm workers. Each class would see the connections on how the "us vs. them " paradigm remains alive and well to this day...the "them" just keeps getting updated. Currently the "them" are GLBT folks. Next up, according Rev. Dr. Mel White and many others...actually you can see its been happening for a few years now, are muslims (just ask Sally Kern - see March 2008 postings).

They took a lot away from the discussion and got their questions answered of which they had many. I wish I could do these kinds of talks every day, everywhere. Imagine how much could be accomplished when we actually talk and get to know each other....

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